Friday, August 29, 2008


hmm... im very puzzled with this question. firstly i assumed this is newly born guild. but am i totally wrong?

this is b'coz i saw this 'guild' enter the league this day.. when i checked the wydglobal web this 'guild' never exist yet in the academy section.

can GM or CM clearify this thing to me. if this is a new guild then how could it enter the academy league?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


hello guys.. miss me coz not send last issue for this blog? lol c",)

now i will write about jakum castle. i m heading to jakum castle right now.. huhu not tough monster her but 1st ly you need to find jakum castle key to enter the gate.

here im at the jakum castle gate. but need key to enter the jakum castle. you can either hunt cruelcyclops outside the castle or buy the key from nell. k guys these all the info i could tell this time XD adios!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


huhu... hey guys!! if you are the good observer you'll know what i mean from HK to Canada.

the history was that, im actually from HK. ya, i been first op of HK with lordzee, for-hunt and hidayah.

but recently something occur and i could not neglect it. i need to change shift to solve that big problem... but though HK has 2 shift only and cannot solve that problem.

i ask GM to make new shift, 0100-0400 gtime in HK but gm give another option to me. that was to change shift with other OP in other academy.

that was good idea too but was there any OP wanna change shift with me?

luckily come someone told to gm that he could change his shift with me. what a savior..

SuperBeotch, the from Canada switch his place with me and now im Canadian OP and he is HK OP. what a sacrifice that he had made.

thanx a lot bro and also to all GM.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


huh.. many people gather at noatum as the war has been declare by both PH and malay academy. but there are also wydian helping their ally. when one academy is on war with others, both academy didnt hav to click the PK button.

so ask your op to declare war and try this out....!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


hmm.. this is the entrance of the dungeon when you come here by griffin. what is inside the dungeon. you can hunt here, or also you can solve your quest coz there are certain quest inside the dungeon.

yea.. now im inside the dungeon. the arrow show that there is the entrance to the dungeon lvl2.

the quest in dungeon: revival of the dark knight 191-265 lvl

gargoyle's molar tooth 201-255 lvl (lvl 2 dungeon)

immortality of hydra 266-320 lvl

thats not all but there are always low lvl wydian hunting inside the dungeon expecially dungeon lvl1.

whats you waiting for... come and hunt here..

Friday, August 22, 2008


what is this place? its look like the gate of erion... lol it is the gate of the kingdom where as wydian can get red cape or blue cape.

it is the kingdom XD
aahhaa... two road diverge here. where to go? follow the arrow XD
for those who wanna be blue cappers, go left.
for those who wanna be red cappers, go right.
as simple as that lol...
warning!!! this is for the mortal wydian lvl 220-250 only.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


today some newbie wydian ask me how to go to quest. than i said use griffin master. then he ask, what for ?

lol.. this i will show what for. first go to griffin master

then click on it. you will see five name there, training camp,spirit guardia,god's garden,dungeon and underworld. click one place. eg: Spirit guardia

then you will be on the big griffin.. it safe and no need to pay(free) lol..